Ali – Executive VP of Operations


Executive Vice President of Operations
Ameristar Hospitality

As VP of Operations our companies objective is simple: maximize services and minimize expenses. We will combine your goals with our experience to create a customized operating plan and budget specifically for your hotel taking every aspect of the day to day operation into consideration. We can also work with you on a plan that sets property goals and gives you the clear sense of direction and long term structure you need in order to grow and achieve your goals over the long term.We will review your property and provide an overall in depth analysis on areas, such as human resources, food and beverage, yield management, and guest service relations. We will then zero in on the areas that need improvement, and devise customized strategies that will have a positive impact on your bottom line· Develop strategic planning aimed at operating your property at its full potential· Owner Operation Reporting· On-Property Supervision & Training· Revenue Management – we work to train and cultivate the skills of our General Managers relative to pricing, positioning and optimizing revenue generation opportunities in each respective market.

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