Ameristar offers experience.

We hire the best in the business, those that have come up through the industry and others who offer a fresh perspective. Ameristar’s Main Office, based in Houston, Texas offers management services for Ameristar Hotels  that produce results. We are made up of risk takers, problem solvers and creative minds, delivering a good experience for all. We excel in the following areas, with a team of people ready to support our property teams.

Business Intelligence


Ameristar is led by risk takers with a penchant for facts and figures. Creatives who are fascinated by results. This brings us to find new ways to report and analyze, when the normal reporting systems weren’t enough, we made our own. With a strong IT department and a responsibility to deliver, Ameristar brings answers, ideas and ROI to the table in ways you’ve never seen before.

Leadership Development


We look for innovative leaders, with an eye for disruption. Never looking for someone just looking for a job, we’re looking for the power players, the people who want to rise to the top. Ameristar allows for opportunities for growth, task force management and personal fulfillment, paying attention to the parts that keep us human and happy.

Community Citizenship


Taking care of the places where we live, work and play.  Ameristar Hospitality doesn’t just talk the talk when it comes to giving back, we give back. Associates are encouraged to find ways to improve their communities effectively, through their property, personal interests and by any means necessary. Ameristare takes care of our communities whole-heartedly.



Creating places that people go to, and not through. Ameristar partners with visionaries who see more than heads in beds and more than just a hotel restaurant. We’re looking to create fun and adventure within our four walls and the spaces that surround us. Our guests want to learn, they are switched on and we’re creating something new for them daily.  Ameirstar enriches lives one experience at a time.

People Resources


It takes the best in the business to find the best in the business. Ameristar’s People Resources team has created a pipeline of talented hospitality professionals that spans the globe. Finding the right fit for the right position is key to a property’s success and our team knows exactly what to look for. The team provides human resources, talent acquisition, internal communications, training and recruiting.


Financial & Admin


We are risk takers with a penchant for facts and figures, and we vet those calculated risks with a team of financial whiz kids who know what brings our partners the best return. Providing centralized accounting, payroll, finance management and reporting, the financial team knows how to find new and creative solutions to old problems, revolutionizing the industry one spreadsheet at a time.




Ameristar Hospitality has been leading the industry for years in value-add hotel properties, bringing under-performing properties up to their highest potential through renovation, rejuvenation and exciting new approaches. Our team is focused on maximizing value and achieving out-sized returns for our investment partners. We continue to look for these opportunities while we expand further into the independent realm. Inspired by our team and their great ideas, we create independent and soft-branded concepts—assets that we call “Our Brands” and the portfolio continues to grow.




Ameristar Hospitality is known for placemaking, be it an old, run-down building or a vacant lot, from the old to the new, we know how to make it happen. Through the years Ameristar has cultivated partnerships with truly outstanding resources including architects, engineers and contractors who love working with us and who deliver outstanding results.



Technology continues to evolve, so our IT department evolves with it. Always hungry for the newest improvement, our team tirelessly researches options that create the best experience in our hotels and restaurants. Mobile check-in and key cards, WiFi, guest communications and back end systems—Ameristar’s IT department of innovative thinkers has a knack for numbers and tackling the ever changing technical solutions needed in hospitality.




Ameristar Marketing thinks outside of the box. Keeping a bird’s eye view on all Ameristar Hotels, our nimble team of marketing professionals are tasked with specific genres to assist each hotel with fully integrated marketing plans that create the highest returns in the business. Ameristar Marketing assists with all digital marketing, public relations, social media, photography and much more to make sure Ameristar Hotels stand out among an ever-increasing brand.